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       First in Russia, we have developed and set in lot production a model range of infrared multispectrum noise-protected flame detectors for running in usual or explosion-dangerous environment. "NABAT" flame detectors are designed for detecting flames and fire focuses, and for preventing spontaneous outing the flames of gas burners and torches. They can be used in explosion-suppression systems.
In our NABAT flame detectors instead of the conventional principle of flame identification (by low frequency oscillations of radiation), we use the principle of spectral selection that provides them a high sensitivity and noise-protection against arc-welding, luminescent / incandescent lamps, the Sun, lightning discharges and all kinds of glimmering sources, irrespective of their "color" and intensity.


  • Certificate of fire safety: No. CCПБ.RU.ОП002.В.01607 of 12 Jan. 2005.
  • Certificate of conformance: No. POCC RU.ББ05.H00753 of 12 Jan. 2005.
  • Certificate of explosion proofing: Center of certification "CTB" № A-0913.
  • Patent of the Russian Federation: No. 53744, priority of 18 Jun. 2002.
  • Patent of the Russian Federation: No. 48090, priority of 27 May 2005.
  • Patent of the Russian Federation for invention: No. 2261502, priority of 5 Feb. 2004.
  • International Application for invention: WO2005/076375, published on 18 Aug. 2005.
  • Technical Specification АДПК. 425241.001.
  • Licenсe for producing the explosion-proof electrical equipment (I and II Group by GOST 12.2.020-76): ООИР No. 014522 of 21 Feb. 2001.
  • Licenсe for producing/delivering flame detectors ЦОЛ No. 2779, Register No. 11002779 of 5 Jan. 2001.
  • Permit to use No. PPC 04-3492 by State Mine and Technical Supervision of RF.

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Possible objects of protection by use of "NABAT" flame detectors

    "NABAT 1" IP332-1/1, explosion-proof

  • Oil industry: oil-processing enterprises, oil wells, sea shelf oil extracting platforms, oil pipe-lines and oil-thinning installations for easier pipeline transporting, oil-tanks
  • Gas industry: gas pipelines, gas holders, gas distribution and compressor stations.
  • Seashore terminals for loading tankers.
  • Explosive and explosion-dangerous chemical factories.
  • Coal industry: coal pits and other enterprises.
  • Open grounds for storing fire/explosion-dangerous matters; fuel/lubricant storehouses; garages and filling stations.
  • Parks of liquefied-gas tanks.

    "NABAT 1" IP332-1/1, ordinary make

  • Public buildings, museums, theaters, churches, warehouses, hangars, sporting erections; production and auxiliary premises with a ceiling higher than 7 meters.
  • Objects located in open street grounds.
  • Objects where using of smoke and warm fire detectors is impossible for some reasons, for example: premises with increased dust content and production smoke presence.
  • For revealing smolder-fire focuses.
  • For discovering: dangerous overheating fragments of electrical equipment located under protecting cases; breach of integrity of the warm protection in high-temperature ovens.

    "NABAT 2" IP332-1/2 (dry relay contacts)

  • Offices, personal garages, country cottages, summer buildings; separate isolated rooms where an expedient decision can be using of our detectors for individual protecting single objects with a four-wire loop, independent power sources and alarm devices.
  • Gas heating and warming installations: in systems protecting against effects of spontaneous extinguishing gas torches (gas burners in boilers and metallurgical furnaces, gas turbines, following-gas torches).

    "NABAT 3" IP332-1/3

  • Transport means, including railway carriages, electric trains, metro cars.
  • Industrial and civil objects: as flame detectors working in a single infrastructure with smoke and warm ones, for increasing the probability of discovering fire focuses arising in the protected room.

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  • The most characteristic fuels lubricants and easily inflammable liquids burning with smoke (ТП-5 fire simulators): diesel fuel, gasoline, heptane, toluene, fuel for jet and internal combustion engines, transformer oil, compressor/pump working oils.
  • The most characteristic kinds of easily inflammable gases and liquids burning without smoke (ТП-6): methane, ethane, propane, butane, spirits (methanol, ethanol, propal), acetone.
  • The most characteristic highly inflammable matters containing no carbon: hydrogen, ammonia, hydrazine, sodium azide.
  • Smoldering wood and cotton (ТП-2, ТП-3).
  • Burning wood and polymers (ТП-4).
  • Latent fire focuses: burning peat, coal-beds; overheating electric equipment and warming ovens located under a protecting envelope.
Note: Fire simulators (ТП-1 … ТП-6) are designated after the Russian State Standard ГОСТР 50898-96. Each supposed type of inflammation is matched with its own modification of the radiation sensor in the flame detector.

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  • Maximum distance from the fire simulators ТП-5; ТП-6, where stable triggering the detectors takes place in a time not under 3 sec: 25 m; 17 m respectively.
  • The detectors retain workability without false "Fire" signal, when maximum background illumination being not over:
    • from fluorescent lamps 2500 lux;
    • from incandescent lamps 250 lux.
  • Current consumption of the detectors, when rated voltage of power supply:
    • in "Wait" mode: not over 100 µA;
    • in "Fire" mode: 20 +5 µA.
  • The detectors retain workability after being exposed to the increased ambient temperature up to plus 55°C and decreased ambient temperature down to minus 60°C.
  • The detectors are stable when exposing them to single, semisine-shaped, mechanical impacts having 30 ms duration and 50 m/s2 (5g) peak acceleration.
  • Dimensions of detectors "NABAT 1"; "NABAT 2": not over 90x90x105 mm; "NABAT 3": diameter not over 118 mm; height not over 52 mm.
  • Mass: not over 260 g.
  • Mean time between failures of the flame detector is not under 60000 hours.
  • Guaranteed operation life of the flame detector is set as equal to 18 (eighteen) months from the moment of putting it into operation.
The rest of the data is given in our Technical Specification АДПК.425241.001 ТУ and Operation Manual ТЦАФ.425241.001 РЭ.


       We at "Giricond" have the possibility to make "NABAT" detector after Technical Specification АДПК.425241.001 ТУ but with below-given parameters:

  • Increasing the range of detecting standard fire simulators: ТП-5, up to 60 m; ТП-6, up to 35 m.
  • Decreasing the triggering time, down to 100 ms, to allow detecting primary phases of the explosion process, and so realizing the burst-suppression mode of operation.
  • Decreasing the consumed current in "Fire" mode, to 5 mA.
  • Decreasing the working voltage down to 10 V (except for "NABAT 1" - exploproof)
  • Dealing with the fire simulators: ТП-2, ТП-3, ТП-4.
  • Dealing with the fires where carbonless stuffs.
  • Mode of operation detecting the presence of flares from gas burners and following gases.
  • Detecting the presence of burning focuses where there are no low-frequency flame oscillations (for instance, fire focuses of great area).
  • Mode of operation when solar lighting up to 105 lux, without any detector disability.
  • Mode of operation when heated bodies (100 to 500°C temperature) in the detector's field of view, without any device disability.
  • Construction version with a built-in lens providing 5-degree angle of view.
  • Detector version for extinguishing systems working in the mode of scanning the space controlled.
  • Mode of detector operation allowing its short-term using up to 85°C temperature.
  • Construction version with IP67 grade of envelope protection.
  • Construction version in a metal case ("NABAT 4").

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"NABAT 4" IP332-1/4 (ИП332-1/4)

       Multispectrum flame detector with an analogous output. On the stage of mastering in production and preparing for certification.

Main data

       "NABAT 4" is designed for use in complicated running conditions: extended working temperature range; enhanced mechanical influences; severe background situation; need of high running reliability.
Grade of envelope protection: IP67.
Explosion proof make marked "1ExibllCT6".
Protection form: "spark-proof circuit".
The main parameters meets Specification АДПК.42541.001ТУ.

Distinguished technical data:

  • Working temperature range: - 60 to +85°C.
  • Stability to solar noise illumination up to 100 000 lux.
  • It gives no false triggering when lit with incandescent lamps up to 5000 lux.
  • Stable to IR radiation from objects heated up to 400°C.
  • It has a system of in/external workability control with self-testing.
  • Stable to: sinusoidal vibration in frequency range 1 to 500 Hz; acceleration 10 g; mechanical shock of single influence, peak shock acceleration (PSA) 500 g; mechanical shocks of multiple influence, PSA 150 g.
  • Spherical viewing angle: not under 100°; with an optical attachment: 5°.
  • This flame detector has an analogous output with unified output signal of current: 0 to 20 mA; it can co-operate with a centralized system of fire discovering and controlling fire extinguish; In that case:
    • In "Duty" mode, input current signal of the device is 4 mA; indicated by continuous lighting of the green LED;
    • In "Failure" mode (polluting of the input window, failure of photo-sensor or the electronic road), output current signal of the device is 2 mA; indicated by continued lighting of the red LED; there is realized continuous indicating any pollution of the input window;
    • In "Alarm warning" mode, output current signal is 12 mA. In this situation, we have discovered IR rays not reaching the level when we can say with certainty about arising of a flame in the fire focus; it is indicated by simultaneous lighting of the green and red LEDs. If vanishing the IR rays, the flame detector will return to "Duty" mode; if firing, the device will pass from the "Alarm warning" to "Alarm", output current signal being 20 mA.
  • Possibility of running as a control sensor of presence of a flame on gas burners.
  • It has a metal case, mass not over 400 grams.
  • Outer dimensions: not over 90X90X48 mm.

"NABAT 5" IP332-1/5 (ИП332-1/5)

       Multispectrum flame detector with an analogous output. On the stage of mastering in production and preparing for certification.

Shperes of use

  • Discovering fire focuses accompanied with the appearance of flames in spaces under control having a non-linear configuration (tunnels, escalators, corridors etc.).
  • Using in fire-protection systems with scanning the space under control.
  • Using in burst-suppression devices when predictable coordinates of the explosion process.
The above-said application spheres are provided with small angle of the instantaneous view-field, high speed of action, increased sensitivity and small size/mass parameters.

Main data

  • Angle of the instantaneous view-field: not over 5°.
  • Speed of action: not worse than 0.1 to 3.0 ms (depending on a concrete application).
  • Maximum range of action to the fire simulators ТП-5: not under 80 m.
  • Mass: not over 250 g; dimensions: not over 90х90х105 mm.
Working data correspond with that of the "NABAT 1" IP332-1/1 (ИП332-1/1) detector version.

Main features

  • As an element detecting radiation, there is used a multispectrum non-cooled fast-response IR transducer with a set of interference filters.
  • Parameters of the instantaneous view-field are provided by using a silicon lens.


       At present, we at "Giricond" are pursuing the following perspective developments:
"NABAT 6": multispectrum flame detector, autonomous, combined with a radio channel (stage of development).
"NABAT 7": multispectrum flame detector, combined with a video observation (stage of development).
"NABAT 8": multispectrum flame detector, addressable in the set of fire extinguish complex "LADOGA" (stage of testing experimental samples).

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       Analyzing data of the table permits to draw the following conclusions:
"NABAT" flame detectors:

  • possess much greater variability about the possibility of forming spectral characteristics of sensitivity of the radiation sensors, well then much greater adequacy to multiform kinds of flame and independence of possible optical background interference;
  • possess higher sensitivity, in particular to the most probable type of the focus: TП-5;
  • permit to discover fire focuses to discover focuses of ТП-2, ТП-3 types;
  • permit to realize the working mode of burst suppression not partially but in full measure;
  • permit to discover fire focuses when burning carbonless matters;
  • they are stable when action of modulated IR rays, the sunrays, sun patches and arc-welding flashes;
  • they can fulfill controlling gas burners and torches of deflecting gases;
  • they possess little power consumption, small mass and little outer dimensions;
  • they work yet when decreasing the ambient temperature down to minus 60°C;
  • they possess a high grade of envelope protection and the most effective kind of burst protection: "spark-proof circuit".
In that way, our offered flame detectors permit to realize parameters and characteristics which either not realized or not in full measure of them, at the best foreign analogs (except some exclusive versions having 125°C working temperature).
The prices of foreign analogs to our flame detectors made by companies "Det-tronics" (Detector Electronics Corporation, USA); "Spectrex Inc." (USA); "Siemens Building Technologies - Cerberus Division" (Switzerland), are in the $1200 - 2000 range. The prices of our NABAT flame detectors are $150 - 350.

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Type of the Flame Detector Price, RUR / piece, not including VAT
  Under 50 pcs.     51- 100 pcs.   101 - 500 pcs.*
"NABAT 1" (IP332-1/1), IP41 6700 6400 6200
"NABAT 1" (IP332-1/1), IP65 7200 6900 6700
"NABAT 1" (IP332-1/1)
exploproof (1ExibIICT6), IP41
** ** **
"NABAT 1" (IP332-1/1)
exploproof (1ExibIICT6), IP65
** ** **
"NABAT 1" (IP332-1/1M), IP65 ** ** **
"NABAT 1" (IP332-1/1M)
exploproof (1ExibIICT6), IP65
** ** **
"NABAT 1" (IP332-1/1M), IP65 with DWC ** ** **
"NABAT 1(IP332-1/1M)
exploproof (1ExibIICT6), IP65 with DWC
** ** **
"NABAT 2" ( IP332-1/2)* "dry contact", IP41 ** ** **
"NABAT 2" ( IP332-1/2)* "dry contact", IP65 ** ** **
"NABAT 3" (IP332-1/3), IP41 6800 6450 6200
"NABAT 3" (IP332-1/3), IP65 7800 7400 7100
Spark suppression unit SPU (ExibIIC) ** ** **
Test lantern, 7000 - -
Test lantern, exploproof (1ExdIIBT5), IP54 ** - -

* - more than 500 pcs. - bargain price
** - price on web-site JSCo. “REKS” - www.firecs.ru; address: 27, Engelsa av., St.Petersburg, 194156, Russia
Tel./fax. +7 (812) 331-75-64; E-mail: marshall@ttc-nw.ru

  • If realization of additional requirements on construction and parameters of the FDs contract price, depending on additional labor input.
  • Deliver conditions: against the order; small lots - from the stock.
  • Payment in any currencies, at an exchange rate of the payment day.


       When ordering, it is necessary to name the designation of flame detectors, their grade of envelope protection, and the number of Specification:
Flame detector "NABAT 1" (IP332-1/1), ordinary v., IP41 (or IP65), AДПК.425241.001 ТУ;
Flame detector "NABAT 1" (IP332-1/1), exploproof v., IP41 (or IP65), AДПК.425241.001 ТУ;
Flame detector "NABAT 2" (IP332-1/2), IP41 (or IP65), AДПК.425241.001 ТУ;
Flame detector "NABAT 3" (IP332-1/3), IP41 (or IP65), AДПК.425241.001 ТУ.

When purchasing our flame detectors for protecting non-standard objects and special application, it is desirable the following consequence of actions:

  • Customer's prognosticating the most probable kinds of fire focuses, optical interferences or explosions.
  • Revealing the peculiarities of locating the objects protected on the area to be controlled.
  • Acquaintance with "Operation Manual - "NABAT" flame detectors" and establishing the possibility of using there given construction versions: "NABAT 1", "NABAT 2", "NABAT 3".
  • Formulating some additional requirements to the flame detectors considering the specific features of the object to be protected and not reflected in the main text of "Operation Manual".
Relying on the above, we receive a preliminary order for making the flame detectors. Such a pattern provides the most high-quality fulfilling projects of securing fire/burst safety of the specific objects protected.

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       Our series of "NABAT" flame detectors, during the last 5 years was many times presented at various international specialized expositions and symposiums; they had every time won gold and silver medals for creating and demonstrating modern means of fire protection; for the best technical decision in the sphere of fire security; for developing main principles of organization and fulfilling the work on creating flame detectors.
At present, the number of companies and enterprises purchasing "NABAT" flame detectors approaches to 100. So, only during the last one and a half year, "NABAT" flame detectors were called by the companies/enterprises in 38 towns in Russia and CIS. Materials on technology, construction and parameters of "NABAT" flame detectors are being regularly published in general and specialized technical magazines. The construction and the main functional element (radiation sensor) of "NABAT" flame detectors are protected by the patents.

Authors: Gorbunov N.I., Varfolomeev S.P., Diykov L.C., Medvedev F.C.

  • "Photoluminiscent radiator, semiconductor photo-element and optron based on them", RF Patent No. 37575, priority of 5.Feb. 2004.
  • "Multispectrum flame detector", RF Patent No. 53744, priority of 18.Jun. 2002. Applicant: OJC "NII "Giricond".
  • Electron-optical flame detectors. "Electronics (Science, Technology, Business)", 2000, No. 6.
  • "New optrons for spectral annalistic equipment". "Components and Technologies",
    2004, No. 6.
  • "Sensors for systems of providing fire/burst security". "Sensors & Systems", 2004, No.6.
  • "New optoelectronic flame sensors". "Electronics (Science, Technology, Business)". "Mir i bezopasnost" (peace & security), 2005, No.2.

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  • 1st International Specialized Exposition and Symposium "Systems of Guard/Fire Signaling and Automatic Extinguishing". Competition in the nomination: "Means/systems of providing guard/fire safety". Gold medal for the series of flame detectors. Moscow, 2001.
  • 2nd International Specialized Exposition "Fire Safety at the Line of XXI Century". Honorable diploma for creating/demonstrating modern means of fire protection. Moscow, 2002.
  • 3rd International Specialized Exposition "Fire Safety of the XXI Century". Silver medal of the competition: "The best technical decision in the sphere of fire safety (for the flame detectors). Moscow, 2003.
  • 3rd International Specialized Exposition "Guard/Fire Automatics". Competition in nomination: "Means of fire safety: Theory and practice". Gold medal for developing main principles of organization and fulfilling the work on creating flame detectors. Moscow, 2004.
  • International Forum: "Technology of Safety". Competition in the nomination: "Means/Systems of Providing Guard and Fire Safety". Gold Medal - 1st Grade. Moscow - Krasnogorsk, 2005.
  • 4th International Specialized Exposition "Fire Safety of the XXI Century". Gold medal. Moscow, 2005.

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